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import { delayWhen as higherOrder } from '../operators/delayWhen';
 * Delays the emission of items from the source Observable by a given time span
 * determined by the emissions of another Observable.
 * <span class="informal">It's like {@link delay}, but the time span of the
 * delay duration is determined by a second Observable.</span>
 * <img src="./img/delayWhen.png" width="100%">
 * `delayWhen` time shifts each emitted value from the source Observable by a
 * time span determined by another Observable. When the source emits a value,
 * the `delayDurationSelector` function is called with the source value as
 * argument, and should return an Observable, called the "duration" Observable.
 * The source value is emitted on the output Observable only when the duration
 * Observable emits a value or completes.
 * Optionally, `delayWhen` takes a second argument, `subscriptionDelay`, which
 * is an Observable. When `subscriptionDelay` emits its first value or
 * completes, the source Observable is subscribed to and starts behaving like
 * described in the previous paragraph. If `subscriptionDelay` is not provided,
 * `delayWhen` will subscribe to the source Observable as soon as the output
 * Observable is subscribed.
 * @example <caption>Delay each click by a random amount of time, between 0 and 5 seconds</caption>
 * var clicks = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(document, 'click');
 * var delayedClicks = clicks.delayWhen(event =>
 *   Rx.Observable.interval(Math.random() * 5000)
 * );
 * delayedClicks.subscribe(x => console.log(x));
 * @see {@link debounce}
 * @see {@link delay}
 * @param {function(value: T): Observable} delayDurationSelector A function that
 * returns an Observable for each value emitted by the source Observable, which
 * is then used to delay the emission of that item on the output Observable
 * until the Observable returned from this function emits a value.
 * @param {Observable} subscriptionDelay An Observable that triggers the
 * subscription to the source Observable once it emits any value.
 * @return {Observable} An Observable that delays the emissions of the source
 * Observable by an amount of time specified by the Observable returned by
 * `delayDurationSelector`.
 * @method delayWhen
 * @owner Observable
export function delayWhen(delayDurationSelector, subscriptionDelay) {
    return higherOrder(delayDurationSelector, subscriptionDelay)(this);
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