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import { tap as higherOrder } from '../operators/tap';
/* tslint:enable:max-line-length */
 * Perform a side effect for every emission on the source Observable, but return
 * an Observable that is identical to the source.
 * <span class="informal">Intercepts each emission on the source and runs a
 * function, but returns an output which is identical to the source as long as errors don't occur.</span>
 * <img src="./img/do.png" width="100%">
 * Returns a mirrored Observable of the source Observable, but modified so that
 * the provided Observer is called to perform a side effect for every value,
 * error, and completion emitted by the source. Any errors that are thrown in
 * the aforementioned Observer or handlers are safely sent down the error path
 * of the output Observable.
 * This operator is useful for debugging your Observables for the correct values
 * or performing other side effects.
 * Note: this is different to a `subscribe` on the Observable. If the Observable
 * returned by `do` is not subscribed, the side effects specified by the
 * Observer will never happen. `do` therefore simply spies on existing
 * execution, it does not trigger an execution to happen like `subscribe` does.
 * @example <caption>Map every click to the clientX position of that click, while also logging the click event</caption>
 * var clicks = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(document, 'click');
 * var positions = clicks
 *   .do(ev => console.log(ev))
 *   .map(ev => ev.clientX);
 * positions.subscribe(x => console.log(x));
 * @see {@link map}
 * @see {@link subscribe}
 * @param {Observer|function} [nextOrObserver] A normal Observer object or a
 * callback for `next`.
 * @param {function} [error] Callback for errors in the source.
 * @param {function} [complete] Callback for the completion of the source.
 * @return {Observable} An Observable identical to the source, but runs the
 * specified Observer or callback(s) for each item.
 * @method do
 * @name do
 * @owner Observable
export function _do(nextOrObserver, error, complete) {
    return higherOrder(nextOrObserver, error, complete)(this);
//# sourceMappingURL=do.js.map