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import { share as higherOrder } from '../operators/share';
 * Returns a new Observable that multicasts (shares) the original Observable. As long as there is at least one
 * Subscriber this Observable will be subscribed and emitting data. When all subscribers have unsubscribed it will
 * unsubscribe from the source Observable. Because the Observable is multicasting it makes the stream `hot`.
 * This behaves similarly to .publish().refCount(), with a behavior difference when the source observable emits complete.
 * .publish().refCount() will not resubscribe to the original source, however .share() will resubscribe to the original source.
 * Observable.of("test").publish().refCount() will not re-emit "test" on new subscriptions, Observable.of("test").share() will
 * re-emit "test" to new subscriptions.
 * <img src="./img/share.png" width="100%">
 * @return {Observable<T>} An Observable that upon connection causes the source Observable to emit items to its Observers.
 * @method share
 * @owner Observable
export function share() {
    return higherOrder()(this);
//# sourceMappingURL=share.js.map