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import { switchMapTo as higherOrder } from '../operators/switchMapTo';
/* tslint:enable:max-line-length */
 * Projects each source value to the same Observable which is flattened multiple
 * times with {@link switch} in the output Observable.
 * <span class="informal">It's like {@link switchMap}, but maps each value
 * always to the same inner Observable.</span>
 * <img src="./img/switchMapTo.png" width="100%">
 * Maps each source value to the given Observable `innerObservable` regardless
 * of the source value, and then flattens those resulting Observables into one
 * single Observable, which is the output Observable. The output Observables
 * emits values only from the most recently emitted instance of
 * `innerObservable`.
 * @example <caption>Rerun an interval Observable on every click event</caption>
 * var clicks = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(document, 'click');
 * var result = clicks.switchMapTo(Rx.Observable.interval(1000));
 * result.subscribe(x => console.log(x));
 * @see {@link concatMapTo}
 * @see {@link switch}
 * @see {@link switchMap}
 * @see {@link mergeMapTo}
 * @param {ObservableInput} innerObservable An Observable to replace each value from
 * the source Observable.
 * @param {function(outerValue: T, innerValue: I, outerIndex: number, innerIndex: number): any} [resultSelector]
 * A function to produce the value on the output Observable based on the values
 * and the indices of the source (outer) emission and the inner Observable
 * emission. The arguments passed to this function are:
 * - `outerValue`: the value that came from the source
 * - `innerValue`: the value that came from the projected Observable
 * - `outerIndex`: the "index" of the value that came from the source
 * - `innerIndex`: the "index" of the value from the projected Observable
 * @return {Observable} An Observable that emits items from the given
 * `innerObservable` (and optionally transformed through `resultSelector`) every
 * time a value is emitted on the source Observable, and taking only the values
 * from the most recently projected inner Observable.
 * @method switchMapTo
 * @owner Observable
export function switchMapTo(innerObservable, resultSelector) {
    return higherOrder(innerObservable, resultSelector)(this);
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