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import { scan } from './scan';
import { takeLast } from './takeLast';
import { defaultIfEmpty } from './defaultIfEmpty';
import { pipe } from '../util/pipe';
/* tslint:enable:max-line-length */
 * Applies an accumulator function over the source Observable, and returns the
 * accumulated result when the source completes, given an optional seed value.
 * <span class="informal">Combines together all values emitted on the source,
 * using an accumulator function that knows how to join a new source value into
 * the accumulation from the past.</span>
 * <img src="./img/reduce.png" width="100%">
 * Like
 * [Array.prototype.reduce()](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Array/reduce),
 * `reduce` applies an `accumulator` function against an accumulation and each
 * value of the source Observable (from the past) to reduce it to a single
 * value, emitted on the output Observable. Note that `reduce` will only emit
 * one value, only when the source Observable completes. It is equivalent to
 * applying operator {@link scan} followed by operator {@link last}.
 * Returns an Observable that applies a specified `accumulator` function to each
 * item emitted by the source Observable. If a `seed` value is specified, then
 * that value will be used as the initial value for the accumulator. If no seed
 * value is specified, the first item of the source is used as the seed.
 * @example <caption>Count the number of click events that happened in 5 seconds</caption>
 * var clicksInFiveSeconds = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(document, 'click')
 *   .takeUntil(Rx.Observable.interval(5000));
 * var ones = clicksInFiveSeconds.mapTo(1);
 * var seed = 0;
 * var count = ones.reduce((acc, one) => acc + one, seed);
 * count.subscribe(x => console.log(x));
 * @see {@link count}
 * @see {@link expand}
 * @see {@link mergeScan}
 * @see {@link scan}
 * @param {function(acc: R, value: T, index: number): R} accumulator The accumulator function
 * called on each source value.
 * @param {R} [seed] The initial accumulation value.
 * @return {Observable<R>} An Observable that emits a single value that is the
 * result of accumulating the values emitted by the source Observable.
 * @method reduce
 * @owner Observable
export function reduce(accumulator, seed) {
    // providing a seed of `undefined` *should* be valid and trigger
    // hasSeed! so don't use `seed !== undefined` checks!
    // For this reason, we have to check it here at the original call site
    // otherwise inside Operator/Subscriber we won't know if `undefined`
    // means they didn't provide anything or if they literally provided `undefined`
    if (arguments.length >= 2) {
        return function reduceOperatorFunctionWithSeed(source) {
            return pipe(scan(accumulator, seed), takeLast(1), defaultIfEmpty(seed))(source);
    return function reduceOperatorFunction(source) {
        return pipe(scan((acc, value, index) => {
            return accumulator(acc, value, index + 1);
        }), takeLast(1))(source);
//# sourceMappingURL=reduce.js.map