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rxjava 2.2.21 API

Package Description
Base reactive classes: Flowable, Observable, Single, Maybe and Completable; base reactive consumers; other common base interfaces.
Annotations for indicating experimental and beta operators, classes, methods, types or fields.
Default implementations for Disposable-based resource management (Disposable container types) and utility classes to construct Disposables from callbacks and other types.
Exception handling utilities, safe subscriber exception classes, lifecycle exception classes.
Classes supporting the Flowable base reactive class: ConnectableFlowable and GroupedFlowable.
Functional interfaces of functions and actions of arity 0 to 9 and related utility classes.
Classes supporting the Observable base reactive class: ConnectableObservable and GroupedObservable.
Default wrappers and implementations for Observer-based consumer classes and interfaces, including disposable and resource-tracking variants and the TestObserver that allows unit testing Observable-, Single-, Maybe- and Completable-based flows.
Contains the base type ParallelFlowable, a sub-DSL for working with Flowable sequences in parallel.
Contains the central plugin handler RxJavaPlugins class to hook into the lifecycle of the base reactive types and schedulers.
Classes representing so-called hot backpressure-aware sources, aka processors, that implement the FlowableProcessor class, the Reactive Streams Processor interface to allow forms of multicasting events to one or more subscribers as well as consuming another Reactive Streams Publisher.
Contains notably the factory class of Schedulers providing methods for retrieving the standard scheduler instances, the TestScheduler for testing flows with scheduling in a controlled manner and the class Timed that can hold a value and a timestamp associated with it.
Classes representing so-called hot sources, aka subjects, that implement a base reactive class and the respective consumer type at once to allow forms of multicasting events to multiple consumers as well as consuming another base reactive type of their kind.
Default wrappers and implementations for Subscriber-based consumer classes and interfaces, including disposable and resource-tracking variants and the TestSubscriber that allows unit testing Flowable-based flows.
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